Thursday, 22 June 2017

On the Fruits of the Earth

This morning’s conversation with the greengrocer was most enlightening. Current practice often associates government with business. We see whole nations given over to representatives of international wealth, led by those holding profit the highest morality. Where are you, Gore Vidal, when we need you now?
            The greengrocer sold the business to an entrepreneur; he works as an employee: competition with the large is becoming impossible. The land, growers, fruits of the land are increasingly owned by big business, who dispose of produce at every stage in the most efficient manner. He didn’t make clear whether the new owner was the agent of one of the great foreign merchant families, or simply someone who took opportunity to advance himself in new surroundings.
            This happens at a time when the government is performing like a travelling circus about a handful of asylum seekers. The prophets exhort us to protect the stranger within the gates, but as far as I know, say nothing about allowing the nations to possess the land.
            Galilee was run for the benefit of large landowners, too. The Kingdom of God, though, is not like this. The Kingdom of God is run for the weak. Blessed are the meek.

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