Monday, 1 April 2019

On Denial

Conspiracy theories, claims events never happened (ignoring verified witnesses, records, reports), fury at survivors and relations showing wounds and burying their dead: What is this? Why insist the Port Arthur massacre didn’t occur or school shootings weren’t real? What lies behind denial?
Fear ultimately drives refusal to admit that bad things happen. If evil can come to others it can come to me. Fear is profitable to some, (follow the money, or the lust for power), but deeply harmful to the general good. Such fear is accompanied by the arrogant belief that we can save ourselves, without reference to the rest of the world.
The theological virtues can help: Faith, Hope, and Love. Faith implies trust, and denial of truth shatters trust. Jesus never promised safety, but comfort to those who mourn. Hope is given to a fallen world, known subject to natural disasters, plagues, epidemics, brutal dictators, corrupt governments and demonic madness. Hope is what we give, when the princes of this world dominate, but we serve. Who experiences fearless love? We love in spite of loss and fear of loss.
Read your Bible. The first thing an angel will say to you is: Fear not.

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